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Stratus Vineyards Wildass Sauvignon Blanc

Wildass Sauvignon Blanc

Niagara Region

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Sauvignon Blanc 100.0%
Serving Temperature 10.0
Alcohol 13.5%
Drinking Start Year 2015
Drinking End Year 2018

Juicy pear, passion fruit, and super ripe blood orange dominate on both the nose and palate. The mouthfeel is weighty and filling. The higher alcohol is balanced out with a medium acidity, showing the hallmarks of Sauvignon Blanc in a hot and dry year. Best enjoyed well chilled.

Growing Conditions

2013 started off well with a mild winter, and bud break was only slightly delayed by the cool spring. The warmth of August and September balanced the slow arrival of summer heat and dryness.

October's on-average warmer daytime temperatures, combined with cooler nights, helped to increase sugars while maintaining good acidity in the fruit. There was little mildew concern despite summer/fall humidity, and pest pressure was low as well.

Thanks to the higher overall moisture levels of the growing season, we had greater crop volumes in most whites and quick-ripening reds. Early fall frosts allowed for fast grape desiccation in later-ripening reds, leading to excellent flavour concentration. Harvest dates were near Stratus-normal. Winter arrived precipitously and with it, a record icewine harvest.

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