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Vineland Estates Vidal Icewine

Vidal Icewine

Niagara Region

Cellar Door Price $48.00

Vidal 100.0%
Serving Temperature 10.0
Alcohol 10.0%
PH 8.7
Drinking End Year 2029

This delicately balanced sweet nectar clearly demonstrates why Canadian Icewine is undisputedly considered a world class luxury. The concentrated shadowed essences of sponge toffee, buttered dates and candied blood orange are highlighted by impressions of fresh citrus, peach, apricot and warmed pear. This wine comes full on with a rich sweetness and then playfully dances away as the balancing acidity refreshes each sip. Still, the wine never really leaves you as the aftertaste is long and graceful and the memory every enduring.

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