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Cellar Door Price $17.97

Merlot 65.0%
Pinot Gris 35.0%
Alcohol 11.0%

Careful selection of just the right combination of wines creates this refreshing and vibrant blended Rose.

Growing Conditions

he 2015 season in the Okanagan Valley can be summed up in one word — fantastic. An early spring start provided the necessities for superior vine growth. July and August were very sunny and hot leading to good sugar development within the grapes and much earlier ripening than normal. We began our earliest harvest on record, on August 22, and by the end of September completed the bulk of our grape picking. September was similarly, warm and sunny with slightly cooler nights allowing for continued phenolic ripening. A harvest for the record books, was finished at our earliest date ever, October 8.


This Rosé is comprised primarily of our supple Merlot with a generous dose of our estate Pinot Gris. The Merlot was treated in two ways. The majority of grapes were sent directly to press resulting in a fresher more fruit forward juice. A small portion of Merlot was treated in the “saignée method”, in which some fermenting juice is taken from a traditional style red ferment part way through the process. This “bleeding off” of the juice after limited skins contact, imparts more colour and structure without the drying tannins. The addition of Pinot Gris contributes elements of stone fruit, pear and minerality to the blend. The Pinot Gris was cold soaked prior to fermentation to retain its colour and flavour

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