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Cellar Door Price $16.51

Merlot 95.0%
Muscat 5.0%
Alcohol 13.5%
PH 5.3

Careful selection of just the right combination of wines creates this refreshing and vibrant blended Rose.

Growing Conditions

A vintage to celebrate, the 2014 growing season in the Okanagan Valley was fantastic. An early spring start and timely precipitation through June provided the necessities for good vine growth. July and August were very sunny and hot leading to excellent sugar development within the grapes and earlier than normal ripening. September was also warm and sunny with cool nights allowing for continued ripening. October was cooler with some precipitation that permitted extended “hang time” to ensure proper phenolic ripeness without excessive brix levels, particularly in the later ripening red varieties.


This Rosé is comprised primarily of our juicy Merlot with just a dash of aromatic Muscat. The Merlot was treated in two different ways. The majority of the grapes were sent directly to press resulting in a fresher more fruit forward juice. A very small portion of Merlot was treated in the “saignée method”, in which some fermenting juice is taken from a traditional style red ferment part way through the process. This “bleeding off” of the juice after limited contact with the skins, gives the wine more colour and structure without contributing a lot of drying tannins. The addition of Muscat provides a lift of fruit and floral character, which was fermented at cool temperatures down to dryness.


The aromas of this vintage are a fruit driven array of ripe strawberry, rhubarb, citrus blossom and Macintosh apple.


The palate is classic Provençal dry with distinct fresh strawberry and Okanagan cherry notes.


Beautifuly Salmon Pink

Food Pairing

Rosé is a gourmand’s delight as it matches so well with a large variety of cuisine from traditional French, to spicy Chinese, to a casual barbecue or picnic. We recommend it with charcuterie and soft cheeses, a Mediterranean inspired paella, or a Moroccan chicken and lemon tagine. Also ideally paired with a relaxing day on the deck!

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