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Nova Scotia

Cellar Door Price $18.91

Pinot Gris
Alcohol 10.0%
PH 10.4

Great wine regions of the world have created their own wine appellations – such as Chianti, Bordeaux and Burgundy - to embody a superior quality and style of wine unique to their place of origin. Nova Scotia launched its own wine appellation to showcase a fresh, crisp, premium white wine unique to its terroir.

A wine with distinct character, Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects its birthplace: the terroir, coastal breezes, cooler climate and our winemakers’ world-class craftsmanship. Only those wines that display the region’s distinct characteristics and meet a rigorous set of standards assessed by a technical committee are approved to use its wine appellation.

Our 2012 Tidal Bay displays the crisp aromatics and decisive freshness unique to the appellation, yet an atypical growing season challenged us to do so with this vintage. The 2012 summer was unusually warm and dry which resulted in higher than normal maturity and premature ripeness in the fruit. To preserve the freshness, acidity and cool climate qualities, we took a different approach and included two vinifera varietals in the blend - 35% Chardonnay and 14% Pinot Gris. These grapes ripen later in the growing season and, therefore, in 2012, provided the freshness we were in search of for Tidal Bay.

Light golden color with subtle salmon reflections. On the nose, notes of flowering citrus trees, bergamot, rose hip and lemon zest complement a distinctive minerality. On the palate, the wine shows its true colors by being decisively refreshing, with its suggestions of key lime and candied mango.

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