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Vineland Estates Riesling Vidal Icewine

Riesling Vidal Icewine

Niagara Region

Cellar Door Price $60.00

Riesling 85.0%
Vidal 15.0%
Alcohol 12.0%
PH 7.53
Drinking End Year 2032

It is incredible to think that such intense cold could create such a warm heart. On the coldest night of the year, individual rock-solid frozen grapes yield but one concentrated teardrop of nectar to produce this luscious world famous wine. Intense aromas of dried peach and apricot interlace through notes of honey and candied citrus. The sweetness of this brilliant wine is perfectly balanced with a bright acidity. A multitude of flavours last long after you swallow while the symmetry of the wine begs another sip. Remember, the wonderful balanced glow within this Riesling Icewine comes not come fire, but from ice.

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