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Cellar Door Price $80.00

Cabernet Sauvignon 20.0%
Merlot 20.0%
Cabernet Franc 20.0%
Malbec 20.0%
Petit Verdot 20.0%
Alcohol 14.5%

Raised in the vineyards at the lowest crop yields, painstakingly crafted over weeks in the lab from our best barrels, and aged to perfection in our cellar. Each vintage, the Quintessential raises the bar to redefine the ultimate traditional 5-varietal Meritage. Worthy of years in the cellar, this wine is the epitome of our dedication to absolute quality.

Our first vintage of Quintessential, this wine established our commitment to pushing the envelope of Southern Okanagan viticulture and winemaking. This wine is absolutely delectable. This wine is finally nearing its peak and is drinking at a spectacular level. Nose is deeply complex with black cherry, vanilla and a hint of earthiness. Fills your mouth with flavours of subtle pepper, rich raspberry and cherry flavours and long, satisfying finish. Flavours of boysenberry, black cherry, and cassis linger long after swallowing.

Growing Conditions

2006 will be remembered as one of the truly great vintages for the Okanagan. The year produced some of the Valley’s best, and most internationally recognized, wines, including our Quintessential winning Canada’s Best Red that year. With budbreak starting earlier than previous years, and a warm, consistent fall, the 2006 wines were harvested at their optimal ripeness without rushing for rain or frost concerns.


Each parcel was hand picked, hand sorted and fermented individually. After 12 months in barrel, the entire cellar was assessed and the blend created. Only the best parcels were selected to create a true, traditional Bordeaux style 5-varietal blend. Following blending it was sent back to barrel for an additional 10 months.

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