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Benjamin Bridge Vineyards NOVA 7


Nova Scotia

Cellar Door Price $21.52

Alcohol 6.5%
PH 7.1

NOVA 7 by Benjamin Bridge is an off-dry, slightly effervescent white wine, highlighting select Muscat grape varieties and handcrafted by our international winemaking team. Conceived by Benjamin Bridge’s lead wine consultant, Peter J. Gamble, in 2007, NOVA 7 has been described as a wine that is “a category unto itself” and has quickly become “Nova Scotia’s iconic wine." Inspired by the European tradition of lightly sparkling, off-dry wines, NOVA 7 is uniquely Nova Scotian, combining the region’s lively acidity with elegant aromatics.

Soft salmon color with a light pink hue. On the nose, notes of peaches, apricot and key lime unite with floral overtones of rosewater and white flowers. On the palate, the wine displays suggestions of ripe papayas, lemon zest, and a delicate level of sweetness in perfect harmony with the it’s bright and crisp character. A light effervescence further enhances the refreshing personality of this lively wine.

At a lower 6.5% alcohol, Nova 7 is remarkably refreshing on a hot summer afternoon, wonderfully festive during the holiday season, and perfectly suited for any gathering or celebration. Serve chilled on its own or with cheeses, charcuteries, chowders and most summer fare.

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