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British Columbia

Cellar Door Price $18.00

Gewürztraminer 100.0%
Alcohol 13.0%

Growing Conditions

In 2013 we had a classic Okanagan Valley season up until September; a typical spring with average rainfall and temperatures from mid-April to mid-June. From June to the end of July we had incredible weather with temperatures in the mid to high twenties and little rainfall. Flowering during this time went through without delay due to the ideal climatic conditions. Through the critical veraison period from early August through to early September the daytime temperatures were typically in the low to mid thirties. In the third week of September we had unseasonably poor weather with cool and wet conditions for nearly a week. This lead to concerns of bunch rot diseases such as botrytis and sour rot in some varieties. Gewurztraminer with its thicker skin came through the poor weather with next to no disease incidence. We did harvest later than normal to let the fruit respire all the moisture the vines took up from the September rain period. Hand harvested on the 6th of October. ~Chris Carson

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