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  • P.O. Box 242
  • Fruitvale, BC
  • V0G 1L0
About the winery

The earth’s natural elements, similar to those portrayed in the SOAHC logo, have been the cornerstones of existence for prominent cultures around the world for more than 2000 years. Our vision is to utilize these spectacular natural amenities, and their influence on the rich Columbia Valley terrain, to nurture healthy, strong and flavourful grapes which create beautiful wines. Our approach is not like others. We are different. We follow a different model which has resulted in this young vineyard producing wines that far surpass other well-established wineries in blind tastings. How are we different? Quite simply, it’s all about respect. Respect of the land and the vines. It all starts before the first vine goes into the soil. Rocks are hand-picked from the fields before each vine is planted and watered by hand. This is all done to minimize disturbance of the farmland by machinery and ensures SOAHC vines establish deep roots to become healthy plants which will mature naturally without stimulants. This is the biodynamic process by which the vineyards of SOAHC Estate Wines operate. We invite you to learn more about our incredible journey working closely with our natural amenities in our truly unique approach to winemaking.

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