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For as long as Okanaganites can remember, Lake Okanagan has been said to be haunted by the presence of a Loch-Ness-like lake creature. Can such a formidable beast possibly be lurking in our waters? Is Ogopogo real? Can there truly be such a bonafide living creature? We said “…naaah”! Monster Vineyards exposes the proverbial wizard behind the curtains. It celebrates the many intricate contraptions that inviduals might have conceived to create such a hoax. Our sincere apologies to the believers.

Online, wine shop, private liquor stores, restaurants (BC/AB)
Tasting room
April - November: 11am-6pm
Wine styles produced:
Varieties produced:
Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Production Statistics

9 Wines
9 Vintages
5 Varieties

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