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Marionette winery sits on the beautiful Broadview Bench, just minutes from downtown Salmon Arm. This bench has a unique mesoclimate, perfect for growing high quality wine grapes. The complex soils and the warm aspect of Marionette Vineyards make our wines truly unique. The winery is named after a family of artists who lived on the estate before it became a winery, who traveled and performed shows which featured handmade marionettes. Although they moved on long before the current owners arrived, when they heard their story, they felt it was something special, hence the namesake. For us, wine is a lifestyle, a passion and the result of a year-round creative process that never ceases to amaze us as winemakers. We also see it as an expression of the area in which it is made, something which can only be truly experienced by visiting the place where the wine is grown, made and first enjoyed.

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