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  • 744444 Bluewater Highway
  • Bayfield, ON
  • N0M 1G0
About the winery

The Cornerfield Wine Co. Winery is owned and operated by the Durand family, and was built on their well-established family farm near Bayfield, Ontario in 2015. Since we broke ground in 2015, our vineyards have been producing excellent bounties in preparation for our first bottling. After four years of hard work and precise management, Cornerfield Wine Co. wines will be available on site at our winery for the 2019 opening. Created by our Winemaker Steve Byfield, our wines feature a blend of Huron County-grown grapes, all benefitting from the unique terroir of the area and promising a perfect combination of intensity, complexity and delicacy of flavour to excite the palate and becoming of a fine, Ontario-grown wine.

Wine styles produced:
Varieties produced:
Cabernet Franc

Winemakers Tenure Wines
Steve Byfield January 1st, 2015 - Present

Wine Production Statistics

6 Wines
6 Vintages
4 Varieties

Wines from Cornerfield Wine Co.

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