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Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery Sam And Isaac Pinot Gris

Sam And Isaac Pinot Gris

Cellar Door Price $22.00

Pinot Gris 100.0%
Alcohol 11.9%

Sam and Isaac - The First Settlers

The Lehman name originates from pioneer settlers Sam and Isaac Lehman. With a combination of instinct and pluck, the two cousins arrived on the banks of the Fraser River by riverboat in 1875, just after Royal Engineer, Albin Hawkins. They encountered a beautiful landscape with fertile soils and abundant water and forests and were smitten by the beauty and grandeur of this part of the world. Sam and Isaac set out to start a new life make their fortunes amongst Mount Lehman’s emerald fields and gorgeous surroundings. They helped build a wharf for riverboats and log the area for farming which brought many more settlers to Mount Lehman. The Lehman name proudly lives on in honour of Sam and Isaac.


This wine has aromas and flavours of pear and apple, with a spicy note.


This dry and zesty white wine features luscious flavours of green apple, citrus and melon, with a textured and silky finish. The finish is textured and silky, which is the hallmark of this classic variety.

Food Pairing

We encourage you to drink this wine with local fish and shellfish, zucchini frittatas, light chicken dishes, creamy pastas dishes and charcuterie.

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