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Red Rooster Winery Riesling Icewine

Riesling Icewine

Cellar Door Price $65.00

Alcohol 11.6%
Acidity Tartaric 10.0
Residual Sugar (G/L) 148.0
Full Cases Produced 547


It is a very rare event when the Rooster is strutting through the vineyard on a very cold winter’s night (-8 to -14°C) around 2 o’clock in the morning. On a glorious New Year’s morning (January 1, 2017) the last of the Riesling grapes were still hanging on through the cruelty of winter. The Rooster, excited about the potential of this rare gift, raises his head and lets out the loudest crow ever heard throughout the valley. Everyone was awakened to start the early morning harvest. During the next few hours the frozen Riesling grapes were harvested. As soon as the sun began to peak out from behind the hills, the Rooster crowed again to complete the harvest. The grapes were taken to the winery where they were pressed, while still frozen, to release the richest juice possible. The juice was then fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks to allow the fruit to shine.


Aromas of lemon marmalade, quince, pear and apricot


The luscious mouth-feel is perfectly sweet and is balanced by refreshing acidity. An explosion of flavour fills the mouth; think candied lemon, honey and pineapple. The long lingering finish, with flavours similar to the palate, leave you wanting more


Delicate lemon yellow

Food Pairing

Serve chilled in small white wine glasses as an aperitif or as a wonderful after dinner drink. Add two ounces of Icewine to your favourite vodka for an amazing Red Rooster Icewine Martini. Serve with fruit based desserts that may include lemon, orange, pineapple, apple, pear, peach, apricot and quince. Enjoy with intensely flavoured creamy cheeses. Serve with spicy or salty appetizers for an explosion of flavour.

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