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Kalala Organic Estate Merlot Icewine

Merlot Icewine

Cellar Door Price $70.00

Merlot 100.0%
Alcohol 10.4%
PH 3.42
Acidity Tartaric 7.95

Growing Conditions

The certified organic Merlot was grown in three vineyards between Westbank and Oliver. Picking started in the Kalala vineyard at midnight on January 12th and ended in the Chandra vineyard on the 17th of January. The lowest picking temperature was -10.2 degree Celsius and the grapes came into the winery at 40 Brix.


A special yeast called 2 TD was selected for the fermentation of this icewine. The fermentation actually stopped itself after 45 days at 10.5% alcohol. The acidity stayed well-balanced through the fermentation and we ended up with a phenomenal flavour profile we didn’t want to mask with oak.


Aromas and flavours of fresh, ripe strawberry, cherry, and fig give way to warmer notes of brown sugar and honey.


Fairly high acidity adds freshness and balances the sweetness of this icewine.

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