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Vineland Estates FIELD H - Chardonnay Musque

FIELD H - Chardonnay Musque

Cellar Door Price $19.95

Chardonnay Musqué 100.0%
Alcohol 12.4%
PH 6.9
Drinking End Year 2016

Our renowned and beautifully uniform St. Urban Vineyard gives birth to mostly one variety, Riesling. But in a small easterly corner (Field H), St. Urban is also mother to solidly aromatic Chardonnay Musques. The uniform yet complex terroir perfectly supports and showcases these two grape varieties that are fruity by nature and eager to express place. The 2013 Field H Chardonnay Musque has a cheerful nose of melon, fall apple, a kiss of lychee and a serious underpinning of focused citrus. On the palate there is a refreshing balance of mild sweetness and a cleansing acidity. This wine begs to join you in the kitchen as you create.

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