This series of wines is exclusively available to restaurants, hotels, catering, and other venues of this nature.

The name, Rootstock, was chosen to illustrate our deep connection to viticulture, farming, and winemaking. The label design features an "R" with roots sprouting at the base as if penetrating the ground.

From a technical perspective, a rootstock is selected for its interaction with the soil, providing the roots and stem to support a new plant, obtaining the necessary soil, water, and minerals plus resisting relevant pests and diseases. A rootstock is grafted by a scion, the plant part, and after a few weeks, the tissues of the two grown together. Eventually, they form into a single plant.

Released in late 2013, specific sections of our estate vineyards are selected by our winemaker to create these offerings.

Wine styles produced:
Varieties produced:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc